Our Ideas for Reform

On 6 August 2014, the Panel released Our Ideas for Reform

This report puts forward 27 reform ideas for debate and discussion.  It is the culmination of the second ‘exploring and discussing’ stage of the panel’s work.

The Panel have released this report to provide an opportunity to consider these reform ideas, and influence the Panel members’ thinking before they make their final recommendations to the government in December 2014. Submissions made to the panel over the consultation stage are available here

The Report can be downloaded here

The Compendium of Ideas and Background Research to prepare this report is available here 

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets outlining what the proposed ideas for reform mean for local government, the business sector, urban practitioners and members of the community are available below:

Fact Sheet for Business
Fact Sheet for Communities
Fact Sheet for Councils
Fact Sheet for Professionals

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